The Stardust 3 Pack

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The Stardust pack of Moon Mama’s signature mesh postpartum underwear includes one pair each of Pink, Purple, and Yellow.

If you are wondering what to wear after giving birth, this is it!

Our high-quality seamless knit underwear is designed for comfort and durability during your postpartum recovery.

They are incredibly soft and stretchy, so there’s no need to worry about unwanted pressure, and are great for c section recovery.

Each pair is hand-dyed using a shibori technique for a truly unique pattern.

Somewhere between disposable and forever, use these undies while you need them.

Customer Reviews

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Ethan Borle
Post Partum Party Pants!

This is my GO TO gift for all of my friends, family, colleagues and honestly anyone I know who is having a baby. If you know someone who is pregnant, expecting, has a bun in the oven, or recently gave birth to a mini, get them these undies. However baby came out, through caesarian or straight down the runway these undies help the new mamma feel fabulous while still providing the gentle yet durable duties required. They are washable, reusable, naturally dyed and the greatest darn thing.

The best part of giving MoonMamma as a gift to all my loved ones is that as prepared and ready as any of the moms I've brought these to have been, the post Partum underwear is often a spot that was not thought of, and I don't know about elsewhere but our local hospital only provides one pair to each new mom and their pairs are not exciting and beautiful and uplifting as a set of MoonMammas. That lady in your life, has just done the incredible in growing and giving birth to a new baby. A small act to show how amazing they are and how impressed you are is to give the gift of fun, exciting and celebratory undies so the new mom can feel as beautiful as she is after the ordeal of child birth.

You cannot go wrong with MoonMamma as a baby shower gift idea. They are the perfect gift. Elegant, beautiful and they with absolutely get used. Buy Moon Mamma now! Also this sunrise collection is my favourite with the fun vibrant and bright colours!

Liam G.
Great Gift for a New Mom

My wife received this starter set as a gift and has loved them so much we have gifted this set to 3 other friends. She says they are comfy, easy to wash and I have to say they look great.