The Rainbow Six Pack

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A six-pack of Moon Mama’s signature mesh postpartum underwear, including Purple, Pink, Yellow, Cyan, Cobalt Blue, and Phantom Black.

If you are wondering what to wear after giving birth, this is it! 

Our high-quality seamless knit underwear is designed for comfort and durability during your postpartum recovery. 

They are incredibly soft and stretchy, so there’s no need to worry about unwanted pressure, and are great for c section recovery.

Each pair is hand-dyed using a shibori technique for a truly unique pattern.

Somewhere between disposable and forever, use these undies while you need them.

Customer Reviews

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Add a little sunshine to your postpartum recovery!!!

I have gifted these underwear to many of my girlfriends for their postpartum recovery and they all love love love them!!!! The bright colours and unique patterns lend a hint of sunshine to days that’s can sometimes be so dark. Every momma deserves to feel beautiful and this product definitely does that!!!!


I lived in my Moon Mama’s before, during and after my pregnancy! They were SO comfortable to wear while my c-section healed and nothing else fit, and I had a fun colour for every day of the week (no time for laundry with a newborn!). Now this 6 pack is my go-to baby shower gift. I think it’s the gift that every Mama needs, but might not know it yet:)